21,22 & 23 December 2018

9pm - 12 midnight

Food and entertainment from 7pm



Wedge Street, Epping Ph: 0477 942 254


In 2015, St Peter's hosted a very special community Christmas event, Walk Through Bethlehem, for the first time. Following its overwhelming success, this began a yearly tradition for the community, which has become part of the identity of the school and attracts crowds from far and wide, making it one of the largest annual community events held in the City of Whittlesea.

The Walk Through Bethlehem event has four main objectives

  • To authentically live out the school vision
  • To offer Melbourne families a Christmas experience based on the true meaning of Christmas;
  • To involve families in the area in a true Community event; and
  • To spread the Christmas message of joy, peace and goodwill to all.

School gates open at 7:30pm each night, with visitors invited to engage with free live entertainment, a variety of food options for purchase and family fun activities. The gates to Bethlehem City open at 9pm. When entering the city, guests are greeted by Roman Soldiers requiring a donation per entry, before progressing into Bethlehem by way of signing the census, just as would have been required 2000 years ago.

Walk Through Bethlehem is a living display of life in a small town at the time of the birth of Jesus. Bethlehem is populated by spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters, potters, bakers and people of other ancient crafts and trades. There are all types of domestic and farm animals tended by a large number of enthusiastic, young shepherds. The Romans are ever-present, whilst the streets are patrolled by Centurions, guards watch over the palace of King Herod. The Three Kings from the East are there with their camels and gifts. The focal point of the production is the stable, with Mary, Joseph and their baby, Jesus

We wish to take the opportunity to thank all our supporters. Bethlehem is the collective work of many from the school and wider community. The event simply could not happen without the support of those who gave time building and packing up Bethlehem city, acting in scenes, seeking or providing sponsorship, providing lunches for the volunteers, creating and selling merchandise, spreading the word about the event and the huge number of other tasks that were required to make Bethlehem possible.

Finally, to the tens of thousands of people who attend Walk Through Bethlehem, thank you for taking the time to witness this spectacular undertaking. The Walk Through Bethlehem organising committee look forward to welcoming people from far and wide, of all walks of life, backgrounds and ages each year. It is a true honour to be able to be part of such a spiritual undertaking and provide a genuine family friendly event that is accessible to all. The best part of WTB is not just the feeling of achievement and excitement we get when we open the city gates after months of planning and coordination. It is taking a moment to stand back and see what it is that we are providing to our community, as we witness the wonder and awe experienced during a spiritual journey together with family, friends and community.



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